The mandate of UPHL

The company’s mandate is to;

  • Secure Uganda’s Foreign Assets: To act as a vehicle for securing Uganda’s foreign-based real estate assets through sustainable, effective and efficient management of such properties wherever they may be.
  • Provide Real Estate Development for GOU: Provide an alternative means of offering real estate development services to GOU through purchase, lease, exchange, construction or otherwise so as to allow smooth operations of Government services. 
  • Investment Vehicle: To operate as a holding and investment company to ensure appreciation of GOU real estate assets and receiving the income there from on behalf of GOU.
  • Maintenance of GOU Properties: To offer maintenance services for GOU properties by undertaking the full range of requisite activities including: alter, renovate, repair, furnish, enlarge, pull down and remove or replace collect rents and income and to supply to tenants and occupiers such amenities, facilities, and advantages as may be deemed expedient.
  • Raise revenue for the GOU: UPHL shall generate profits which shall be paid to the GOU in form of dividend.


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