Bid Notice

UGANDA PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED BID NOTICE UNDER OPEN DOMESTIC BIDDING The Uganda Property Holdings Limited  has allocated funds  to be used for supply of  one (1) Station Wagon Vehicle The Uganda Property Holdings Limited invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply as indicated below. No Procurement Reference Number Subject of Procurement Bid security […]

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The mandate of UPHL

The company’s mandate is to; Secure Uganda’s Foreign Assets: To act as a vehicle for securing Uganda’s foreign-based real estate assets through sustainable, effective and efficient management of such properties wherever they may be. Provide Real Estate Development for GOU: Provide an alternative means of offering real estate development services to GOU through purchase, lease, […]

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Achievements of UPHL

UPHL operates on commercial principles and funds all its activities without any financial resources from the consolidated fund. Further, as a commercial entity; it endeavours to enhance shareholder value and therefore pays dividends to Government when profits are not fully committed to future investment activities. The achievements of UPHL include;- Protection of Government property. UPHL […]

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Space for rent in Mombasa

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UPHL Uganda Properties

UPHL currently manages and owns properties in Uganda. In addition to improving the value of the existing assets, UPHL has in the course of the years acquired acres on land in Wakiso, Uganda. The company has also under taken the construction of new warehouses in Tororo. This is an On going project.

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A brief history of what we do

Uganda Property Holdings Ltd. (UPHL) is a Government of Uganda fully owned Company that was incorporated under the Companies Act in 1998. The shareholders of UPHL are Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and Minister of State for Finance – Privatisation. The mandate of UPHL is to secure Uganda properties both locally and abroad, […]

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Looking for space to rent?

We are currently fully booked. For future bookings, contact us on. UPHL Uganda Office                                 Mombasa Branch Office Tel: 0414-341808                                       Tel: 0202080909 Email:                            Email:

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