Who are the shareholders of UPHL?

Government of Uganda under the oversight of the Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development and the Minister of State for Privatization.

Performance of UPHL?

UPHL has taken over and renovated properties in London and Mombasa. Audited accounts from the year 2000 – 2020 are available.

Tendering Process?

UPHL adheres to Government’s PPDA tender regulations. It has a contracts committee.

Who owns Farmer’s House, Development House and Embassy House?

The Houses are owned by Uganda Land Commission. They provide office accommodation for Government. President’s office requested UPHL to manage the buildings on their behalf. This was later approved by cabinet retrospectively. UPHL has taken over management of Embassy House and Development Houses. It has however taken over the management of farmer’s house. Government departments currently do not pay rent but arrangements are being made for them to pay.

Is UPHL likely to be fully commercial: Do they have an investment plan?

UPHL operates commercially. Policies are set by the board of directors and implemented by management. We operate a budget and investment program.

AD HOC Committees

The role of the ad hoc committees is to expedite the analysis and resolution of extraordinary events and issues. The composition, meeting frequency and tenure depend on the circumstances at hand.


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