A brief history of what we do

Uganda Property Holdings Ltd. (UPHL) is a Government of Uganda fully owned Company that was incorporated under the Companies Act in 1998. The shareholders of UPHL are Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and Minister of State for Finance – Privatisation.

The mandate of UPHL is to secure Uganda properties both locally and abroad, provide real estate development for the Government, act as an investment vehicle for the Government and maintain the Government properties.

UPHL owns 33 properties of which 23 properties are in Mombasa, Kenya, 4 residential houses in London and 6 properties in Uganda. The properties held by the company locally and abroad are titled and UPHL is in custody of the Certificates of Titles. No title is mortgaged and the company has no single bank loan.

The properties are broken down as follows: (a) five residential properties in Mombasa, Kenya. (b) two office blocks in Mombasa, Kenya. (c) two commercial buildings in Mombasa, Kenya.(d) one Car Port in Mombasa, Kenya. (e) twelve warehouses in Mombasa, Kenya. (f)  a newly constructed yard in Mbaraki, Kenya.(g) four residential Houses in London – UK.  (h) one large warehouse complex at Nalukolongo, Kampala.(i) one large warehouse in Tororo. (j) former Coffee processing Complex at Bugolobi, Kampala.(k) silos complex in Masese, Jinja District – Masese. (l) land at Namulonge, Busukuma, Wakiso District.

UPHL, using its internally generated resources, manages Farmers House on behalf of the Office of the President. At the moment the facility houses some Government Departments; Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives, Education Service Commission, and Public Service Commission. The said Government Departments do not pay rent.

UPHL also used to manage Kololo Airstrip on behalf of the Office of the President before it was handed over to Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) for development.

In September 2018, Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) sought the services of the UPHL and handed over its two properties situated in Mombasa and Nairobi respectively for effective management.

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