UPHL takesover professional management of three properties belonging to Uganda Railways Corporation in Kenya

During the course of the privatization process, the fate of properties formerly belonging to Coffee Marketing Board (CMB), Transocean Uganda Limited (TUL), Produce

Marketing Board (PMB) and Lint Marketing Board (LMB) was debated and Government of Uganda resolved that such properties are strategically important to Uganda and should therefore not be divested.


Arising from the above, Cabinet at its 29th sitting held on 27th May 1998, approved that a new company be established to take over ownership of all real estate properties abroad belonging to the Government of Uganda.  This decision was premised on the fact that the properties in reference had significant commercial value and therefore had to be managed under commercial principles for purposes of sustainability.


The policy under which UPHL was incorporated excluded properties abroad that were already in the custody of the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such properties were principally created to facilitate implementation of Uganda’s foreign policy objectives and these properties are to-date under the oversight of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


2.1       To utilise economies of scale as regards one unit of handling all properties. This removes duplication of services from mission for properties which ironically helps to reduce administrative costs.
2.2       To allow missions to concentrate on their core activities and programmes in the field of diplomacy.
2.3       To ensure that properties are well maintained and sustained, this would yield more revenue for the Government.
2.4       To reduce direct government interference in the management of properties.
2.5       To increase property value which in turn reduces chances of property sales, a case in point was the London saga.
2.6       To ensure that properties remain Government of Uganda assets.


3.0 Legal Status of UPHL.
3.1       In light of the above, a new company in the names of Uganda Property Holdings Limited (UPHL) was incorporated on the 3rd November 1998 by the Solicitor General under the Companies Act, Cap 110.
3.2       The Company wholly owned by the Government of Uganda under the oversight of the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The shareholders of UPHL are the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and Minister of State for Finance – Privatisation.



To sustainably and professionally manage and invest in the Government of Uganda Real Estate property domestically and internationally while providing high value services.



To be a leading Government of Uganda Real Estate Company.



  1. a) Securing Uganda’s Foreign Assets: To act as a vehicle for securing Uganda’s foreign based real estate assets through sustainable, effective and efficient management of such properties wherever they may be.

  2. b) Provide Real Estate Development for GOU: Provide an alternative means of offering real estate development services to GOU through purchases, ease, exchange, construction or otherwise so as to allow smooth operations of Government services.

  3. c) Investment Vehicle : To operate as a holding and investment company to ensure appreciation of GOU real estate assets and receiving the income there from on behalf of GOU

  4.  d) Maintenance of GOU Properties: To offer maintenance services for GOU properties by undertaking the full range of requite activities including: alter, renovate, repair, furnish, enlarge, pull down and remove or replace, collect rents and income to supply to tenants and occupiers such as amenities, facilities and advantages as may be deemed expedient.

  5. e) Raise revenue for GOU. UPHL shall generate profits which shall be paid to GOU inform of dividends.


Our Values

While our intention is to   grow the Asset base of the company and enhancing customer value, we are aware that UPHL’s actions may have implications beyond the customer and shareholders. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision within UPHL, we feel it is important to set forth the core values of the company.

a) Integrity: Integrity underpins the approach of the board members, management and staff in executing their duties and responsibilities. All UPHL personnel are expected to act with high integrity.

b) Team work: We recognise the fact that no single individual will take UPHL to its desired destination. It requires the collective efforts of the Board and all staff members. Team work is therefore essential ranging from sharing of a common vision, mission, goals and objectives to the mutual support among individual staff members.

c) Exemplary leadership: All members of the board and management are expected to be patriotic and extend good leadership in the company operations. This will build good image of the company and restore the confidence of the stakeholders.

d) Customer focus: Its UPHL’s conviction that the customer is the primary reason for UPHL’s existence. UPHL’s approach to property management and development shall seek to respond to property management and development shall seek to respond to and satisfy identified needs of the different market segments that re served by UPHL. UPHL will be guided by the principle of providing value for money to all its customers.

e) Adaptability: UPHL intends to be flexible and dynamic organisation, able and willing to adapt to the changing environment and stakeholders interest.

f) Accountability and Transparency: This underpins the approach of the Board personnel are expected to be transparent and transparent and accountable for their actions.


Our Areas of Focus

Business development: UPHL's goal is to excel in real estate management and investment.

Customer service: UPHL's goal is to offer affordable and comfortable facilities to customers.

Financial management: UPHL's goal is to be a sustainable and highly profitable enterprise.

Institutional development: UPHL's goal is to be an efficient and effective real estate enterprise. UPHL Key Stake holders Government UPHL will enhance the value that government derives from its real estate properties. UPHL undertakes to deliver optimum long term financial returns from the real estate properties that it manages on behalf of the government. Customers UPHL will provide current and potential customers with consistently affordable and comfortable premises. Staff UPHL's board of directors, management and staff will be rewarded accordingly for meeting or exceeding performance expectations.